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Professional Marine and Offshore Equipment Supplier

Delin is a well-known manufacturer of marine equipment and marine fittings with over 20 years of production experience. Backed by nearly 800 talented people and 35,000 square meters production facility, we at Delin have an extensive catalogue of products that covers from everything from our telescopic gangway, anti roll tank, deck machinery, hatch cover, lunch and recovery system, to marine doors and windows. Delin places a heavy emphasis on quality management, technology, and advanced manufacturing equipment, which we consider our three most valuable assets. We have a well-established client base that includes some of the leading shipbuilding companies in China, such as Jiangnan Shipyard Group, Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company. Delin’s ship machinery are also exported around the world to customers in the US, Singapore, Russia,Germany, Spain, and Indonesia.

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Main Products
    1. Telescopic Gangway

      Telescopic gangway is manually deployed and lands on the target structure via simple controls. Once landed, the telescopic transfer mechanisms are free to extend, retract, incline and slew. Combined with a dampened gangway tip support, the mechanisms compensate for all six degrees of freedom between the vessel and target structure.

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    1. Anti-Rolling Tank

      Anti-roll tank is a ship stabilizer used to reduce the rolling of the ship. It is effective under any ship speed and works for container ships, ferries, RoRo vessels, ocean engineering vessels, scientific research ships, etc. Delin’s U-type controllable passive anti-rolling tank is composed of two wing tanks connected by a low duct and air duct on top.

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    1. Anchor Handling / Towing Winch

      Towing winch consists of two horizontally or vertically mounted drums which wind the ropes to hoist or drag the weight. The drums are controlled using a brake and clutch, and they have good bearings and rope holding loads. To ensure alignment of the steel wire ropes, a groove or spooling device is mounted.

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    1. Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

      LARS is designed especially for fast launches and recoveries in heavy sea conditions. It can be used in rescue vessels, coastguard vessels, offshore platforms and vessels, Ro-Ros and cruisers. Special features include an integrated modular design, anti- swing device, wave compensation system and reliable hook device.

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    1. Flap Rudder

      Flap rudder is a steering mechanism consisting of a main rudder and movable flap. The movable flap turns with the main rudder for a larger rudder camber. Compared with conventional marine rudders, our flap rudder has better steering efficiency and hydrodynamic properties. Its high cost performance and good maneuverability lead ...

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    1. Hydraulic Sliding Watertight Door

      Hydraulic sliding watertight door is used to open watertight bulkheads. These products meet the requirements of the SOLAS convention and standards set by CCS, ABS, DNV, GL, BV, and LR. Based on fire protection requirements, we have conventional A0 Class and fire protection A60 marine watertight doors.

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