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Telescopic Gangway

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  •  Telescopic Gangway
  •  Telescopic Gangway

Advantages of the Telescopic Gangway
1. Simple and cost effective
2. High reliability with a simple hydraulic system
3. Lightweight, fast, low cost
4. Minimal power consumption thanks to an integral HPU
5. Passive operation ensures fail safe compensation of motions during transfers
6. Automatic lift system protects gangway and target structure
7. Gangway operated by minimal crew

The telescopic gangway is a slewing type marine gangway used to transfer offshore personnel between adjacent offshore units. This access gangway can also be used to transfer lines for fuel, mud, electricity, water and other utilities.
The telescopic gangway is manually deployed and lands on the target structure via simple controls. Once landed, the telescopic transfer mechanisms are free to extend, retract, incline and slew. Combined with a dampened gangway tip support, the mechanisms compensate for all six degrees of freedom between the vessel and target structure. This passive compensation of motions provides access in high sea conditions with virtually no power consumption during operation.
Should vessel motions cause the gangway extension to exceed allowable limits, an automatic lift off system prevents damage to the telescopic gangway or target structure/vessel.
A traffic light guidance system ensures that personnel will only transfer when gangway parameters such as extension and inclination angles meet preset allowable limits.

Specifications of the Telescopic Gangway
Model G25 G30 G42.5 G45.5
Max Length 25.0m 30.0m 42.5m 45.5m
Operational Length 21.5m 25.0m 36.5m 38.0m
Min Length 18.0m 20.0m 30.5m 30.5m
Stroke ±3.5m ±5.0m ±6.0m ±7.5m
Free Width of Gangway 1.2m
Free Height of Gangway 2.1m
Gangway Inclination Angle Nominal Working Range +24°to -16.5°
Slew/Rotation Angle 360°
Power Integral HPU
Illumination Gangway, cabin and access platforms are illuminated for night operations
Control System Joysticks for manual control of gangway position during landing and lifting off
Operator Controls Gangway inclination angle Slew angle Gangway extension
Operator Warnings & Personnel Guidance Traffic light warnings when gangway position approaches or exceeds operational limits
Emergency Lift Off Emergency lift off system during power loss or high vessel motions
Transfer Lines Option: Lines for compressed air, water, power, fuel and bilge water
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