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Anti-Rolling Tank

 Anti-Rolling Tank

1. Safety
2. Comfort
3. Energy saving
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5. Low noise

Fig. 1 Components for the Anti-Rolling Tank by Wuxi MNET

Fig. 2 Phase Sequence Chart of Wave, Vessel and Anti-Roll Tank

Fig. 3 Sketch of Anti-Rolling Moment and Wave Moment

Fig. 4 3D Sketch of the U Type Controllable Passive Anti-Rolling Tank
The anti-roll tank is a ship stabilizer used to reduce the rolling of the ship. It is effective under any ship speed and works for container ships, ferries, RoRo vessels, ocean engineering vessels, scientific research ships, etc. MNET’s U-type controllable passive anti-rolling tank is composed of two wing tanks connected by a low duct and air duct on top. Adjustable dampers are fitted in the low duct, so that the oscillation period of the anti-rolling system can be adjusted by turning the damper to fit the variable rolling period of the ship. For the most efficient anti-rolling process, the phase difference between the oscillation water in the anti-roll tank and the ship’s rolling remains around 90 degrees.
The anti-rolling energy of the controllable passive stabilization tank comes from the ship’s rolling itself, where only a little energy is needed to adjust the lower dampers. The whole system is simple, inexpensive and easy to maintain. The controllable passive anti-roll tank supplied by MNET has the unique function of predicting the conditions of the next wave, sharp turn, etc., and automatically takes corresponding action. Our advanced control system makes sure that the stabilization system has high anti-rolling efficiency and reliability.

Fig.5 Anti-Rolling Tank

Fig.6 Anti-Rolling Tank

Control Board onboard

The quality of an anti-roll tank depends on the design and the control. The design of MNET’s anti-roll tank is based on the accumulation of forty years of experience doing forced wing tests on more than 1,200 anti-roll tank models, water tank tests on dozens of ship models, and ship trials on more than 300 vessels. The control system of MNET’s anti-rolling tank has been developed and improved over forty years to have precise control and high safety and reliability.
This technology, including all relative patents, was originally bought from the Stabilo Company in Japan, and further developed by MNET. Compared with other anti-rolling tanks, MNET's tanks introduce the damping noise control system for more pleasant environment for the crew. Meanwhile, key components in our products are all from reliable and well-known suppliers. Within just 2 years, MNET’s anti-rolling tanks have been applied to more than 35 vessels of different models.

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