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MNET Highlight
All types of winches for marine use. (Mooring winch, positioning winch, hoist winch, tugger winch, etc)
Customized product.
Drum load from 3t to 25t, mooring speed over 15m/min.

Product Feature
1. Display of cable length
2. Display of pull force
3. Remote control from wheelhouse
4. Compact, light and high load
5. Safe and reliable braking

Our marine winch consists of one or more horizontally mounted drums or warping heads which wind the ropes to hoist or drag the weight. Because it’s so easy to handle and can be applied to a variety of situations, the marine winch is used on a number of different ships.

We can provide custom winches for a variety of purposes that can be manually, electrically, electro-hydraulically or diesel hydraulically driven. The winch mainly consists of reduction box, drum, shafting device, braking, clutch and rack, etc. The marine winches are widely applied in the mooring operation, positioning of vessel, moving and lifting of deck cargo, etc.

Customized Winches
We offer customized manufacturing for our marine winches. To do so, we’ll need to know the drive type-electric electro-hydraulic, or diesel hydraulic, whether a chain wheel and remote control are needed, preferences of classification society, and the rated loading, nominal speed, and holding loading.

Technical Parameters of the Marine Winch
(kN )
Rate Speed (m/s ) Light Load Speed (m/s ) Dia. Of rope(mm) MBL of Rope (kN ) Holding load (kN ) Drum Capacity of rope
Normal capacity (m ) High capacity (m )

50 ≥0.25 ≥0.5 Φ20.5 180 150 180 360
80 Φ26 292 240 200 400

125 Φ30 381 310

160 Φ37.5 595 470 250 500

200 ≥0.16 Φ41 720 590

250 Φ44.5 854 730

315 ≥0.13 Φ52 1165 940

400 Φ56 1339 1080

MNET winches have been applied to many types of vessels such as MV Xuelong ice breaking research vessel, 68m piling ship, 14,000kW ocean salvage tug, etc.

100kN Tugger Winch

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