Shark Jaw

 Shark Jaw
  • Shark Jaw in Workshop

  • 3.5t Shark Jaw - Oblique connecting rod type

  • 3.5 t Shark Jaw - Vertical connecting rod type

Shark jaw is usually applied with towing winch, and chain stopper is usually along with windlass for anchor handling. The main function of this marine equipment is to clamp steel wire rope or chains during their replacement and to bear the load. We offer two different structural forms-a forked shark jaw and a connecting rod shark jaw.

Custom Chain Stoppers
We offer customized manufacturing for our anchor handling shark jaws. To do so, we’ll need to know the drive type-electric electro-hydraulic, or diesel hydraulic, whether a chain wheel and remote control are needed, preferences of classification society, and the rated loading, nominal speed, and holding loading.

Technical Parameters of the Shark Jaw
Max Safety Load(kN) Max Dia. of chain(mm) Max Dia. of tightwire(mm)
1500 Φ66 Φ66
3500 Φ102 Φ102
5000 Φ142 Φ142
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