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Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

 Fast Launch and Recovery under Sailing Condition
  • WDLA - A Type

  • Single-Boom Slewing LARS

  • Double Suspending Device

  • Anti-pendulation Hood

  • A-type LARS Onboard

1. More than 80 sets experience
2. Customized and integrated design meeting SOLAS rules
3. Wave compensation function
4. Working in high sea state and under sailing condition

The launch and recovery system (LARS) is one of the main boat accessories used in all types of rescue vessels, coastguard vessels, offshore platforms, ocean engineering vessels, supplier ships, Ro/Ros and cruisers. It can also be used in general transport ships as aboat lifting device.
Since 2009, we have developed seven models of workboat davits in four categories: the fold-jib type, L type, A type, and two-point type. Our LARS for working boats under heavy sea conditions uses leading technology and performance with a lower price than that of imported products.

Features of the Launch and Recovery System(LARS)
1. Integrated modular design and hydraulic systems ensure easy installation and maintenance.
2. Anti-swing device prevents roll-overs or collisions under high sea conditions.
3. Wave compensation automatic control system (ACS) for working boat.
4. The launch and recovery system comes with a reliable hook device for fast hooking and unhooking in heavy sea conditions.
5. Portable remote control device allows for easy operation. Retraction speed is controllable.
6. The horizontal foldable arm structure saves space and can be mounted within compartments. (Type WDLZ).
7. 360 degree slewing structure is also applicable to cargo lifting (Type WDLL).

LARS Technical Parameters
Working Load 27-55KN (Customization available)
Hoisting Speed Not less than 20m/min
Max. Running Speed Not less than 20m/min
Max. Wave Compensation Speed 120m/min
Working Angle Heel ±20°, Trim ±10°
Working Sea State 5
Time required for boat lowering/lifting Less than 5 min.
Dimensions Upon rated load
Type WDLZ (Fold-jib Type) L/W/H (mm) 5800×1400×2500
Type WDLL (L Type) L/W/H (mm) 5600×2000×3800
Type WDLA (A Type) L/W/H (mm) 3100×2700×4300
  • WDLL, L type

  • WDLZ, fold-jib type

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