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Flap Rudder

 Flap Rudder

1. Up to 72m2 rudder area.
2. With or without nozzle
3. Abundant experience to all kinds of ships
4. Customized product

The flap rudder is a steering mechanism consisting of a main rudder and movable flap. The movable flap turns with the main rudder for a larger rudder camber. Compared with conventional marine rudders, our flap rudder has better steering efficiency and hydrodynamic properties. Its high cost performance and good maneuverability lead to a wide range of applications around the world. This lightweight and high performing flap rudder requires the least amount of fuel for a maximum sailing speed.
Both the rudder and flap are made of steel that is certified by classification society. To reduce the effects of corrosion on the rudder’s performance, stainless steel is used in the drain plug, bolt, link mechanism and other moving parts in contact with seawater. For easy installation and maintenance, hanging holes are set on the main rudder and movable flap. The rudder sleeve is directly welded with the hull with a bracket and baseplate. Water or oil lubrication at the rudder bearing further enhances the maneuverability of the rudder blade.

Features of the Flap Rudder
1. Improves operation safety of the ship
2. Improves rudder control and turning performance of the ship
3. Increases lift coefficient by 1.5 to 1.8 times that of conventional rudders
4. Reduces the rudder wear and improves its economy
5. Optimum balance and flap area
6. Small rudder area
7. Simple structure and easy maintenance
8. Convenient installation and reliable use

Technical Parameters of the Flap Rudder
Max rudder angle 45°
Max flap angle 45°~55°
Rudder balance coefficient 0.38~0.45
Flap ratio 0.20~0.25
  • Flap rudder in the workshop

  • Preheat before welding

  • Gas tight test

  • Keyless connection between steering gear and stock

  • Anti-loose bolt

  • Clearance of bush

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