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Flap Rudder with Nozzles

 Flap Rudder with Nozzles

The flap rudder with nozzles consists of a nozzle, flap, rudderstock, coupling sleeve, drive mechanism, upper seal components, oil seal components, and upper and lower rudder bearings. This vessel rudder, which can be installed via hanging or a double-pivot, is widely applied in ocean and offshore engineering because of how well it improves ship maneuverability. The application of the nozzle, which enhances the performance of the propulsion system, has effectively increased the thrust and ensured the safety of the propeller, a special advantage in particular for ice navigation.

Nozzle flap rudders are now applied to supply vessels, fishing boats, rescue vessels, tug boats, and dredgers.

Features of the Flap Rudder with Nozzles
1. Improves propeller efficiency
2. Improves ship maneuverability
3. Increase ship propulsion
4. Reduces vibration
5. Prevents damage to blades
6. Reduces operation loss

  • Bed-jig

  • Flange calibration

  • Measuring the height

  • Anti-corrosion treatment inside

  • Installing rudder stock

  • Measuring clearance

  • Installation with liquid nitrogen

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