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We have developed a variety of boat steering equipment, including flap rudders, flap rudders with nozzles, fishtail rudders, twisted rudders with rudder bulbs and hovercraft rudders, mounting them in 30 different types of ships, including in 12,000kw tugboats, 2,000 m3 dredgers, 17,500DWT oil tankers, and 6000HP multifunctional supply vessels.

We also supply packaged rotary vane steering gears, which significantly improve ship maneuverability (directional stability and turning ability) as well as provide solutions for the interface between the steering gear and rudder system.

    1. Flap RudderThe flap rudder is a steering mechanism consisting of a main rudder and movable flap. The movable flap turns with the main rudder for a larger rudder camber. Compared with conventional marine rudders, our flap rudder has better steering efficiency and hydrodynamic properties.
    1. Flap Rudder with NozzlesThe flap rudder with nozzles improves the efficiency of the propeller as well as the maneuverability and propulsion of the ship.
    1. Semi-spade rudderMNET's semi-spade rudder is widely applied to shipyard in China and abroad.