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Pilot Transfer Arrangements

  •  Pilot Transfer Arrangements
  •  Pilot Transfer Arrangements

Pilot transfer arrangements include the shipside door and the pilot ladder:

1. When the distance from embarking to the light water line exceeds 9m, pilot ladder and shipside door are used together for the pilot’s safety.

2. The pilot door can be designed and manufactured according to customers’ requirements and meets SOLAS and class rules, CCS, DNV, ABS, LR, and BV standards and other classification certificate.

3. The pilot ladder is arranged above the shipside door and its storage and recovery is controlled by an electric capstan. The pilot door is electro hydraulically powered. We supply all kinds of ladders such as hinge ladders, sliding ladders, and folding ladders.

4. The status of the pilot ladder and shipside door are monitored and show whether the ladder is in storage, is open, closed, locked, or unlocked, and if there is any hydraulic or electric failure.

5. The pilot boarding arrangements has power and emergency manual operation.

6. The structure of the door is made of ship steel plate, other components are made of high strength material or stainless steel, and the gasket is made of neoprene.

7. Hydraulic components are domestically and internationally known brands. Electronic components are from Schneider Electric or Siemens, and the protection code of electrical elements meets watertight door requirements.

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