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Special Marine Door and Hatch Cover

MNET makes over 500 of our special marine doors and hatch covers per year, which are widely used by customers around the world in the marine and ocean engineering industries. Our marine hydraulic watertight sliding doors, hydraulic hatch covers and other special hydraulic doors/gates meet the requirements of the SOLAS convention and we can provide corresponding marine product certificates.

    1. Hydraulic Sliding Watertight DoorThe marine hydraulic sliding watertight door is used to open watertight bulkheads. These products meet the requirements of the SOLAS convention and standards set by CCS, ABS, DNV, GL, BV, and LR.
    1. Hydraulic Hatch CoverMNET provides all types of hydraulic hatch covers with major class certificates according to customer's requirement. The size can be up to 8m x 8m.
    1. Hydraulic Door (Marine Use)MNET has developed a series of special hydraulic doors for customized requirements in marine and offshore projects, mainly for hydraulic side doors and hydraulic gangway doors. All of these boat accessories meet SOLAS standards and are certified by classification society.
      Hydraulic Shell (Side) Door - More than 50 Sets 
      Hydraulic Accommodation Ladder Door (Gangway) Door - More than 10 Sets
      Hydraulic Converyor Belt Door - More than 30 Sets
    1. Pilot Transfer ArrangementsWhen the distance from embarking to the light water line exceeds 9m, the pilot ladder and door are used together for the pilot’s safety. Our shipside doors and pilot ladders come with CCS, DNV, ABS, LR, BV and other classification certificates.
    1. Roller ShutterOur marine roller shutter is available in drum (for ROV storage room) and ceiling (for aircraft hangar or RHIB) types. The closed shutter easily withstands the hose test and no leakage is found at either the shutter sheets or the guides.