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By Increasing Nitrogen Content

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The CQT controlled atmosphere storage system is a piece of marine food preservation equipment for mid to large vessels.

How it works
The nitrogen fresh keeping system lowers the oxygen concentration by replacing the air inside the storage unit with high-concentration nitrogen to slow down the deterioration of vegetables and fruits. The humidifier and ethylene-removal are used to adjust the humidity and ethylene content to extend the storage period for vegetable and fruits.

1. The fresh-keeping results are good. The storage period of vegetables and fruits can be extended 30 days while maintaining quality.
2. High automation level: the controlled atmosphere storage system can run automatically and has a simple operation.
3. A special safety system is used to guarantee the safety for the crew as well as the equipment and storage space.
4. The parameters for the storage environment are shown in real-time in the time management interface.

Fresh-keeping effect
Lettuce keeps 30-45 days.

CQT3010 system (Nitrogen is generated by the system, suitable for mid to large ships)
CQT3011 system (the food preservation system provides a pressure-reducing modular unit, suitable for ships which already have a nitrogen supply)

Parameters of CQT3010 and CQT3011 Controlled Atmosphere Storage System
Single Room Capacity of Cold Storage Unit 10-50m3
Storage Variety Fruit and Vegetable
Time for Nitrogen Charging to Expected Concentration ≤6h
Time for Oxygen Charging to Safe Concentration ≤10h
Humidity in Storage Unit 75% - 95% (Adjustable)
Storage Period Green leafy vegetables such as lettuce can be fresh for more than 30 days
Working noise ≤75dB(A)
Default Function Ethylene Removal, Humidification, Safety Protection
Customized Function Nitrogen Generation (CQT 3010) Nitrogen Decompression for vessels with nitrogen generators (CQT3011)