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By Ethylene Removal

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The CQT-YX controlled atmosphere storage system is for small ships with limited space for equipment.

How it works
The air inside the store is circulated with an ethylene-absorbing device via an enclosed fan. As the ethylene content is reduced, the storage life of vegetable and fruits is extended. The ozone is used for sterilization, and relative humidity is maintained by a humidifier to prevent fruits and vegetables from drying out.

1. The controlled atmosphere storage system keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time without losing quality.
2. With a small volume and easy operation, the system can be arranged inside or outside the storage unit.

Fresh-keeping effect
Lettuce keeps 30-45 days.

CQT-YX01 system (equipment and control is integrated, convenient for installation)
CQT-YX02 system (equipment and control is separated, equipment inside and control outside)
CQT-YX03 system (equipment and control is separated, only needs a small space, suitable for stores with limited space)

Technical Parameters of the Controlled Atmosphere Storage System
Control Scope of Ethylene in Air-conditioned Store ≤ 2ppm
Gas Handling Capacity 30m3/h
Store Humidity 75%~95% RH (Adjustable)
Fresh Cycle 15~20 days for green leafy vegetables such as lettuce
Function Ethylene Removal, humidification, deodorant, disinfection

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