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MNET and Hailian have obtained the Type Approval Certificate and Marine Product Certificate from major classification societies worldwide such as BV, GL, ABS, NK, DNV, CCS, LR, KR, and RS, as well as the European Community. We also have received the Welders Qualification Certificate issued by ABS, CCS, GL, LR, BV and DNV.

We are an ISO9001: 2008 certified manufacturer and the owner of nearly 40 core patents, including ones for flap rudders, rotary vane steering gears and controllable passive anti-rolling tanks.

Here are each of our certificates. Contact us for more information!

ISO Certificates
  • MNET-Quality System Certificate

  • Hailian-Quality System Certificate

  • WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) LR Class

Marine Product Certificates
  • A60 Hydraulic Sliding Door DNV Class

  • Hydraulic Watertight Sliding Door CCS Certificate

  • Hydraulic Door ABS Certificate

  • Accomodation Ladder Door BV Certificate

  • Rudder CCS Certificate

  • Anti-Rolling Tank CCS Certificate

Welders Qualification Certificates
  • ABS Welders Qualification Certificate

  • CCS Welders Qualification Certificate

Type Approval Certificate
  • Launch and Recovery System (LARS) Type Approval Certificate

  • A60 Fire Side Scuttle NK Certificate

  • Fire-proof Door RMRS Certificate

  • Rotary Vane Steering Gear CCS Certificate

  • RRR Certificates

  • RRR Certificates

  • RRR Certificates

  • RRR Certificates

  • Patents

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