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Located in the city of Wuxi, just 180 km from Shanghai, Wuxi Delin Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in designing, manufacturing and servicing marine equipment. Along with its sister company Wuxi Hailian Marine Fitting Co., Ltd, which makes marine doors, windows and hatch-covers, Delin has more than 20 years of industry experience. We provide marine products to large-scale shipyards in China and export to major marine markets around the world.

  • Gate and Office Building

  • Factory

Our workshops are equipped with a complete series of production facilities such as vertical and horizontal lathes, vertical mill machines, heavy machining equipment, lifting facilities, sandblasting equipment and welding equipment. Our advanced equipment ensures we make marine products with machining accuracy and reliability.

  • Assembly Plant

  • Hailian Processing Plant

  • Electrical Equipment Assembly Plant

  • Finishing Workshop

  • Welding Seam

  • Welding Seam

Every marine winch and windlass is tested and debugged with the 24m high, 700 ton tensile test platform.
All marine door, windows or hatch covers need to pass the correspondent weather tight, airtight or watertight test.

  • 700tm Tensile Test Rack

  • Watertight Test

  • Warehouse

  • Warehouse

  • Delivery

  • Delivery

Wuxi Delin Marine Equipment Co., Ltd.

Fax: +86-510-83772065