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    1. To make advanced marine machinery, we equip our workshop with the latest production machinery such as vertical and horizontal lathes, vertical milling machines, and other mid to large machining equipment, lifting equipment, sand blasting equipment and welding equipment.
    1. Since MNET's beginnings, quality control has been a high priority for the company. MNET has earned certification for quality systems from ISO9001-2008 and Welding Procedure Specification (WPS). Many of our leading products in the industry, such as our flap rudders, steering gears, hatch covers, anti-rolling tanks, and marine doors are approved or certified by the European Community (EC), DNV, LR, ABS, BV, GL, KR, and CCS.
    1. We follow a complete set of procedures for product inspection during and after the manufacturing process, and our marine machinery has been certified by major classification societies. With quality as our high priority, we continue to improve our products through innovation and using customer feedback to raise our own standards.

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