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    1. Ship DoorType: normal steel door, single-lever quick-action door, wheel operated door
      Fire rate: A0, A60, H120
      Tightness: gastight, weather tight, watertight (50m Max.)
    1. Ship WindowYPE: hinged, fixed
      Function: A60, A0, weather tight, sound-reduction
      Clear light size: 200-450 mm in diameter.
    1. Hatch CoverType: raised type, pad type and flush type
      Material: steel, aluminum
      Gasket: oil resistant, applicable for fresh water tank
    1. Cold Storage (Marine Use)Panel thickness: 80, 100, 120,150mm
      Material: SUS304 stainless steel (for visible side), color sheet (for invisible side)
      Insulation is polyurethane foam
    1. Hydraulic Sliding Watertight DoorThe marine hydraulic sliding watertight door is used to open watertight bulkheads. These products meet the requirements of the SOLAS convention and standards set by CCS, ABS, DNV, GL, BV, and LR.
    1. Hydraulic Hatch CoverMNET provides all types of hydraulic hatch covers with major class certificates according to customer's requirement. The size can be up to 8m x 8m.
    1. Hydraulic Door (Marine Use)MNET has developed a series of special hydraulic doors for customized requirements in marine and offshore projects, mainly for hydraulic side doors and hydraulic gangway doors. All of these boat accessories meet SOLAS standards and are certified by classification society.
      Hydraulic Shell (Side) Door - More than 50 Sets 
      Hydraulic Accommodation Ladder Door (Gangway) Door - More than 10 Sets
      Hydraulic Converyor Belt Door - More than 30 Sets
    1. Pilot Transfer ArrangementsWhen the distance from embarking to the light water line exceeds 9m, the pilot ladder and door are used together for the pilot’s safety. Our shipside doors and pilot ladders come with CCS, DNV, ABS, LR, BV and other classification certificates.
    1. Roller ShutterOur marine roller shutter is available in drum (for ROV storage room) and ceiling (for aircraft hangar or RHIB) types. The closed shutter easily withstands the hose test and no leakage is found at either the shutter sheets or the guides.
    1. Anti-Rolling TankAnti-roll tank is a ship stabilizer used to reduce the rolling of the ship. The quality of an anti-roll tank depends on the design and control. And MNET's product is based on the accumulation of 40 years expereince and 1200 anti-roll model tests. The anti-rolling products have been applied to 40 vessels within 3 years.
    1. Launch and Recovery System (LARS)LARS is designed especially for fast launches and recoveries in heavy sea conditions. It can be used in rescue vessels, coastguard vessels, offshore platforms and vessels, Ro-Ros and cruisers. Special features include an integrated modular design, anti- swing device, wave compensation system and reliable hook device.
    1. Anchor Handling / Towing WinchTowing winch consists of two horizontally or vertically mounted drums which wind the ropes to hoist or drag the weight. The drums are controlled using a brake and clutch, and they have good bearings and rope holding loads. To ensure alignment of the steel wire ropes, a groove or spooling device is mounted.
    1. Shark JawThe main function of the shark jaw or chain stopper is to clamp steel wire ropes or chains during their replacement and bear the load. The shark jaw is usually used along with towing winch, while chain stopper is used along with windlass. We provide custom-made shark jaws.
    1. WindlassMNET's windlass (anchor winch) can be customized made according to customer's requirement. We also make combined anchor winch with cable lifter (Gypsy wheel), drum and warping head. We cooperate with all mainstream class societies.
    1. Marine WinchWe provide custom-made marine winches for all marine and offshore purposes up to 250kN drum load, which can be electrical, electro-hydraulic or diesel hydraulic driven.
    1. CapstanThe capstan (mooring or anchoring) can be custom-made according to customer's requirement. Manually, electrically or hydraulically driven capstans are all available options. Pull force up to 25t and chain dia up to 102mm.
    1. Flap RudderThe flap rudder is a steering mechanism consisting of a main rudder and movable flap. The movable flap turns with the main rudder for a larger rudder camber. Compared with conventional marine rudders, our flap rudder has better steering efficiency and hydrodynamic properties.
    1. Flap Rudder with NozzlesThe flap rudder with nozzles improves the efficiency of the propeller as well as the maneuverability and propulsion of the ship.
    1. Semi-spade rudderMNET's semi-spade rudder is widely applied to shipyard in China and abroad.
    1. Steering GearThe rotary vane hydraulic steering gear is compact compared to other types. We have developed advanced models eliminating the problem of leaking which other similar products face. And the the package supply of steering gear
    1. Telescopic GangwayThe telescopic gangway is a slewing type marine gangway used to transfer offshore personnel between adjacent offshore units. This access gangway can also be used to transfer lines for fuel, mud, electricity, water and other utilities.