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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

    1. Controlled Atmosphere Storage SystemIn a controlled atmosphere storage system, such as this marine fresh keeping equipment for ships, nitrogen replaces oxygen in the storage unit to slow the deterioration rate of fruits and vegetables.
    1. By Increasing Nitrogen ContentThe nitrogen fresh keeping system lowers the oxygen concentration by replacing the air inside the storage unit with high-concentration nitrogen to slow down the deterioration of vegetables and fruits.
    1. By Ethylene RemovalThe air inside the store is circulated with an ethylene-absorbing device via an enclosed fan. As the ethylene content is reduced, the storage life of vegetable and fruits is extended. The ozone is used for sterilization, and relative humidity is maintained by a humidifier to prevent fruits and vegetables from drying out.
    1. Inert Gas Fire Protection SystemThe inert gas fire protection system produces a high concentration (97%) of nitrogen gas, which fills the inert storage cabinet with a nitrogen concentration of 92% - 95%, ensuring that oil with a low flash point and flammable or explosive materials are in a relatively safe environment.
    1. Marine FurnitureMaterial: fire proof sheet & aluminum honey comb, steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel
      Surface treatment: nature, powder paint