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As a professional marine equipment & fitting supplier, we can send its after-sales engineer to any shipyard or port within 24 hours in China. For international customers, we are able to send our staff or engineers from our contracted agents to provide the service in time. We also cooperate with an after-sales agent who has 23 service stations around the world to provide full coverage of the major marine areas.

Territory: Italy and Monaco

Attn: Mr. Bruno Crovetto
Company: Master Marine Sri
Address: Via S. Santarosav 10A, 16167 Genova-Italy

Territory: Holland, Belgium, Poland, Luxemburg

Attn: Mr. Ton C, Van Es
Company: Kundera Marine Consultants B.V.
Address: Melkweg 10a, NL-2971-VK Bleskensgraaf, Holland

Territory: Greece

Attn: Mr. Apostplos Athanassiou
Company: ABC Marine Service Ltd
Address: 100, Kolokotroni Street, 186535 Piraeus, Greece

Territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Attn: Mr. Rolf D. Klaeke
Company: Virtus GMBH
Address: Kleines Wegfahrels 10, D-21756 Osten, Germany

Territory: Europe

Attn: Mr. Alessandro Bardi
Mr. Giulana Allegri
Company: Jobson Italia SRL
Address: Via Delle Pianazze 150A1900 Laspezia, Italy

Territory: Vietnam

Attn: Mr. T.N. Quan
Company: Quynh Engineering Corp
Quynh JSC, 170-Nguyen
Address: Thanh Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Territory: Denmark

Attn: Mr. Claus Jensen
Mr. Tom Fyllgraf
Company: Nordic Offshore Services
Address: Farvej3, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark

Territory: Croatia, Slovenia

Attn: Mr. Josip Rupcic
Company: Naval Agent Co. Ltd
Address: Drenoski Putl 1, 51000 Rijeka, Croaia

Territory: England

Attn: Mr. Harry Wilson
Company: Wear Dock & Engineering Company
Address: South Docks, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear SR12EE, England

Territory: North and South America

Attn: Mr. Arthur J. Dewey
Company: Ship Machinery International Inc.
Address: 12380 SW 130th Street, Miami, FL 33186

Territory: Middle East and India

Attn: Mr. Rajesh Kamath
Company: Goltens Co. Ltd, Dubai
Address: AI Jadaf Ship Doching Yard PO Box2811 Dubai, UAE

Territory: Philippines

Attn: Mr. Nelson G. Binas
Company: Offshore Marine and Industrial Trading Inc.
Address: 880 Anda St. Intramuros Manila

Territory: Myanmar

Attn: Daniel Technical Director
Company: Power Motion Enterprise Group Co. Ltd
Address: 459-B 03-C New University Avenue Street Bahan Township Yangon, Myanmar

Territory: Singapore

Attn: Dean Ju (Director)
Company: Ropers Marine Pte, Ltd
Address: 9D Jurong Pier Road BLK3, 03-02

Territory: Malaysia

Attn: Mohd Tajuddin Mhd Nor (General Manager)
Company: JCB Oil & Gas Services Sdn, Bhd
Address: Lot 4 & 5, Level 7 Wisma Damai Piont, Luyang 88330 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Territory: Taiwan

Attn: Dean Ju (Director)
Company: Ropers Enterprise Co., Ltd
Address: No. 14, Industry 2nd, Rdjenwu Industrial Park Jenwu Hsiang Kaohsiung Taiwan