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Quality Inspection

We follow a complete set of procedures for product inspection during and after the manufacturing process, and our marine machinery has been certified by major classification societies. With quality as our high priority, we continue to improve our products through innovation and using customer feedback to raise our own standards.

Below is the main testing equipment for marine equipment products:
700t tensile test platform: Maximum tensile load up to 7,000kN, height of 24m. In cooperation with specific testing control systems, all winches and windlasses are tested here.
Test platform with 4 degrees of freedom for launch and recovery system: Simulates conditions of the high seas to test the reliability of the launch and recovery system.
Test platform for the launch and recovery system: Tests the function of the davit at designated speeds. All davits are tested here.
Test bed for anti-rolling tank: This model of tanks, scaled down by the Froude Number, are mounted on the test bed. Through these tests, the effectiveness of the anti-rolling tank is guaranteed. Such test beds are only available at our factory and laboratories in key research institutions.
Test equipment for steering gear: Each rotary vane hydraulic steering vane is tested and debugged. A 3,000 hour continuous reliability test was conducted using this equipment.
Testing facilities for watertight, weather tight and gastight features: All tests required by classification society rules are carried out here for relevant products.

  • 700tm tensile testing station

  • Ultrasonic flaw detection test

  • Real situation simulation test for steering gear

  • Load test for deck machinery

  • Infrared laser positioning

  • Test bed for anti-rolling tank

  • Davit test platform

  • Davit multiple degrees of freedom test stand

  • Electric heated glass comprehensive test

  • Watertight test

  • Gastight test

  • Oxygen index measurement

  • Plate thickness measurement

  • Testing heating glass

  • Watertight test for hatch cover

  • Preheating before welding

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